The Most Overlooked Promise in Scripture

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One of the things we rejoice about are God’s promises. In fact my wife and I have a favorite song called Yes and Amen by Housefires which talks about the promises of God. Promises are exciting not just because they are made but because of who made them. A promise after all is only as good as the person making it.

According to one person’s count there are over 3500 promises in the Bible. That’s a lot to get excited about. However there is one promise that gets overlooked probably more than any other promise in scripture.

In John 16:33 Jesus said “…in this world you will have trouble.”

There it is that’s a promise! I am sure that you are not shouting or dancing and claiming this for your life but Jesus said you will face trouble in this world. It will come in many forms, from unexpected places, from the person you least expect but just know it’s coming.

I know what you are thinking. “This isn’t very motivating. You are supposed to be motivating me and encouraging me and this aint it.” (forgive me if my English is wrong I just had a moment). If the verse ended there you might be right. In fact, if you just focused on those words without the full context you probably would get depressed. Let me show you why this is an incredible promise. Here is the full verse:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Jesus wasn’t giving you a promise of doom and gloom and trouble on every horizon with no hope. He was actually letting you know what is going to happen not to frighten you but to comfort you. Here is what he was saying in everyday language. Stuff is going to happen. Don’t worry about it. I got you. Word is Bond.

These words given to us now become words of comfort not of fear because we know that when trouble comes you can rest knowing that Jesus has already overcome the trouble. So when you see trouble and after you get through the reality of what just hit you. Gather yourself, remember Jesus’ promise and know he will bring you through.

Clarence Haynes

Clarence Haynes