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Sometimes you think you need faith for the whole journey, when all you need is faith for the next step.

My wife Diana and I live in a small New England town with our two kids, Terrence and Kayla. I would like to believe that our life is no different from yours, filled with school bus schedules, after school activities, doctor’s appointments, playdates and lots of Kraft Mac and Cheese!

In addition to being a husband and father, I’m a public speaker by profession. In my local church I serve on the special needs ministry, occasionally preach in our Sunday services and teach bible study. Every Thursday you can find me in the Bible Study Club; an online ministry I co-founded with my wife.

My love for Christ has been evident since age six, when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior – multiple times. Seriously, I wasn’t sure he saved me the first time, so I kept going back, just in case. Since then, I have committed my life to serving Him completely; through all the unforeseen trials and triumphs in my life.

I’m a BIG sports fan. If I had to choose one sport, it would be football. Don’t let the “New England” connection fool you, I’m a die-hard NY Giants fan and Saturdays in the fall are all about Nebraska Cornhusker football.

In between family, work and serving, you will find me writing, putting my spin on recipes in the kitchen or playing music at my keyboard.