The Pursuit of Victory.

Discover how to conquer your greatest challenges and win in your Christian life.

If you are ready to embark on your personal journey to victory, this book is for you. No matter how often you hear you are more than a conqueror it means nothing if you can’t take that from a Biblical concept to a reality in your life. In The Pursuit of Victory, I will take you by the hand and show you the steps you can take right now to begin living a victorious Christian life. No longer do you have to dream about victory, you can experience it. Join me on this journey and learn what it takes to finally become who you were meant to be in Christ!

After reading this book you should be on fire for God! You have this new identity and it is more than exciting, it is also beyond intoxicating. You’ve never been so excited about anything in life as you are with the pursuit of victory. Even when you don’t feel like reading your Bible or praying, you do it because you know that’s what will help you continue on this path to conquering spiritual challenges and achieve the strongest victories.


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