The Pursuit of Purpose.

Have you ever struggled trying to discover God’s purpose for your life? You know he has a plan. It sure would be nice if he’d let you in on it.

Discovering God’s will and purpose for your life does not have to be strange, spooky or overwhelming. It can be found and more importantly, God wants to reveal it to you. So, if you feel stuck, then I am glad you are here.

In The Pursuit of Purpose, we will unpack 11 different ways God leads you into his will. These sensible and practical concepts will help you understand how God shows up in your everyday situations with the intention of revealing his plan and will for your life.

Are you ready to get out of the dark? Are you ready to step into the light of how God leads you into his will? If your answer is yes, then I invite you to join me on this journey. It’s time for you to get unstuck and ultimately step into the purpose God has for you.


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The Pursuit of Purpose

We all go through life looking for meaning and fulfillment. We all want answers to the big questions, like why am I here and what mark am I meant to leave on this world? Those who find the answer to those questions discover that meaning and fulfillment we are all looking for.

The quest for these answers is attested to by the volumes of books written on discovering one’s purpose and their success. Consequently, when Clarence shared his book with me, I assumed the contents would be a regurgitation of what’s already been said. I was surprisingly wrong.

In his own unique way, Clarence gives both the average Joe and the successful entrepreneur the practical ways anyone can discover their personal why and experience the magic and momentum of leading the life they have been purposed for. As you read through the pages of this book you will be inspired and empowered to grab hold of your God-given purpose and unlock the life you were meant to live!

Frank Santora
Lead Pastor of Faith Church