Stop Looking for the Emergency Exit.

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If you have ever flown on an airplane you know just before takeoff the flight crew goes through their safety rituals. How to buckle your seat belt. Here is the air mask. Your life preserver and the emergency exits. All standard protocol and if you have flown enough you probably don’t even pay attention to it anymore. However, one of the things they tell you is to remember where your nearest emergency exit is in case there is an emergency and sometimes your nearest exit may be behind you.

This got me thinking about trusting God. When you really trust God, there is no emergency exit plan. Sometimes you pray and ask God to intervene but in the back of your mind you are planning what you will do just in case God doesn’t come through. Well my friend, you have located your nearest emergency exit.

Real trust and faith in God will often require you to take actions where you have no idea what the outcome will be and no way of going back. In 1 Kings 17 there was a widow who had only a little flour and some oil left because there was a severe drought in the land. She was planning to make one loaf of bread for herself and her son and wait to die because she was out of food. Elijah instructed her to do that but make a loaf for him first with a promise that she would not run out of flour and oil while the drought lasted. At this point the widow had a choice.

To trust or not to trust that is the question? (forgive my Shakespeare). Her trust meant literally putting everything on the line with no idea what would happen next. There was no emergency exit. Just to complete the story the widow trusted God, made Elijah the bread and she never ran out of flour or oil until the drought was over.

God is challenging you and me to trust him in the actions we take and also trust him for the outcome. I am not saying this is easy but I am saying that if you trust him, God will come through. In fact when you get on ITG Airlines (that’s I Trust God Airlines), you can sit back relax and enjoy the ride. There may be some turbulence but I can assure you that you will reach your destination and you won’t need that emergency exit.

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Clarence Haynes

Clarence Haynes